twizy-renault-sportWhen you cast your glance in the direction of the Twizy Renault Sport F1 concept, chances are you would have to take a moment to wipe off the drool from the side of your mouth. It is said that the Twizy Renault Sport F1 concept is a “bridge between the world of F1 technology and that of production cars.” Renault is a Formula 1 legend that has taken a 17-horsepower electric Twizy, where the back seat has been replaced with an 80-hp KERS unit, similar to the ones that it rolls out for its F1 customer teams. Apart from that, the inclusion of tires from a Formula 2 Renault and a steering wheel that was derived from a Formula 3.5 Renault would also adorn this concept, where all of those are accompanied by a front splitter, sidepods and open-wheeler mirrors.

A couple of KERS modes are available for the driver to use, where the first would be the Recovery mode which relies on the Twizy’s main 17-hp electric motor in order to recoup energy. After all, the city car is unable to produce enough energy via braking to repower the KERS unit. As for the other mode, it is known as the Boost mode, where it enables a 13-second burst that relies on a combination of 97 horsepower alongside a couple of motors. This enables the Twizy to make a dash from 0-60 miles per hour in six seconds.

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