vudu-ipadVudu informed users earlier today that they experienced a break-in at its offices sometime last month (March 24th to be exact) has resulted in users’ personal information being compromised, in addition to their account activity of course. Vudu has since warned their customers to be on the lookout for “spam email, emails asking for personal information, or emails asking you to click on links to other websites”, where the streaming video provider also mentioned that “a number of items were stolen, including hard drives” when their Santa Clara, California.-based offices were burgled.

Vudu has gone on to say that they will perform a system-wide password reset because said hard drives held extremely sensitive data such as user emails, addresses, account activity, dates of birth, and for select cases, credit card information. So far, the burglary has been reported to the relevant law enforcement agencies, and they are cooperating fully with their investigation. It is rather unfortunate that such a thing had happened, but I guess the best one can do is learn from the situation and hope to avoid it down the road.

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