whatsapp-googleA quick show of hands here – how many of you out there cannot live without the hugely popular messaging app known as WhatsApp? There were earlier rumors that point to the possibility of Google purchase WhatsApp, but from what we know, a certain Neeraj Arora who is WhatsApp’s business development head, did inform AllThingsDigital that they are not currently in talks with Google concerning any possibility of a sales takeover.

I guess the previous stories about a $1 billion sale of the company over to the Internet search giant can be dusted aside, and be deemed to fall under the category of “rumors” at the moment – and a failed rumor, at that. Other than that, Arora did not want to make any more further comments on the situation. Do you think that WhatsApp will eventually be bought over by someone else in the industry, and how much do you think that WhatsApp is worth? $1 billion sounds like an awful lot to us, and how will the purchaser intend to make back that money?

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