WhatsApp For iOS Disables App Store Shortcut For Stickers

It wasn’t too long ago that WhatsApp introduced stickers to its platform. However unlike other messaging platforms such as LINE that has its own store for stickers and themes, WhatsApp users who wanted to add stickers had to download sticker packs which existed as apps. This is highly inefficient and would result in hundreds of sticker apps populating the app store.

WhatsApp To Delete Chat Histories Not Backed Up To Google Drive

Several years ago, WhatsApp gave Android users the option of choosing to either backup their chat histories to their devices locally or to Google Drive. However it seems that backing up to Google Drive is now mandatory as WhatsApp has confirmed that chat histories that have yet to be backed up to Google Drive will be deleted.

WhatsApp For Android Will Soon Let You Search For Stickers

The other day WhatsApp finally rolled out the ability for users to include the use of stickers in their messages.  Now according to a report from WABetaInfo, it looks like a new sticker feature could be coming to Android, and that comes in the form of the ability to search for stickers based on keywords.

WhatsApp’s Status Feature To Get Ads Soon

Facebook paid a hefty sum for WhatsApp, $16 billion, for those keeping count. Many have wondered since then just how the world’s largest social network is going to make money from the world’s largest cross-platform messaging service. The answer came earlier this year when it was revealed that the Status feature will be used to deliver ads. A company executive has revealed that this will be the “primary” monetization mode […]


WhatsApp Update Finally Adds Support For Stickers

One of the features that apps such as LINE and KakaoTalk have that is an advantage over WhatsApp is support for stickers. For the most part stickers act like emojis, but because they are bigger and can also be animated, they do make for more “fun” and interesting and dynamic conversations that emojis might not otherwise be able to provide.

WhatsApp Rolls Out New ‘Silent’ Mode, ‘Vacation’ Mode Also In The Works

We’re sure many of us have group chats or individual chats that we’ve muted. Maybe that person sends way too many text messages or they’re just not worth being notified about. However the badge count still shows up which can be a bit misleading especially if you did not remember having received any new messages.

Survey Finds That 50% Of US Users Don’t Know Who Owns WhatsApp

Everyone probably knows companies such as Facebook and Google, but did you know that these companies actually own a fair number of popular services and software that you might be using on a daily basis? For those who follow the tech news, chances are you might be familiar with this, but a recent survey found that a good many people don’t.

WhatsApp For Android Lets You Download GIFs Before Sending Them

One of the features of WhatsApp is that you can search for GIFs and send them directly. However sometimes the GIF repository might not have the GIF you want, which is when you might choose to share a link to a GIF instead. Now on Android it appears that WhatsApp is allowing users to download the GIFs before sending them.

WhatsApp Beta Seemingly Tweaks ‘Delete For Everyone’ Feature

Last year WhatsApp teased the ability to allow users to unsend messages by letting users essentially delete messages that they sent. The initial timeframe that WhatsApp gave to users was seven minutes, which we suppose is good enough but they later expanded on this by giving users over an hour.

WhatsApp Fixes Video Call Bug That Lets Hackers Take Over The App

Over the years WhatsApp has grown in terms of features and functionality. The app initially started as an app that would let users send messages to each other, but in recent years users have also been able to make voice and video calls. Unfortunately it seems that the video call feature had a bug that might have been missed by the company.

Future WhatsApp Status For Android Will Contain Ads

Given that WhatsApp no longer has an annual subscription fee and that the app is free to download, it has left many wondering how on earth does Facebook plan to monetize it, especially given how much they paid for it. Turns out it is pretty simple: ads, except that these ads will come in WhatsApp Statuses.

Latest WhatsApp For Android Beta Adds Swipe To Reply Gesture

One of the features of WhatsApp for iOS is the ability for users to swipe a message to quote and reply it. This isn’t a new feature and has been around for a while now, but the good news for Android users is that if you wanted the same feature, you’ll be pleased to learn that in the latest WhatsApp for Android beta, the feature was spotted.

WhatsApp Picture-In-Picture Mode Rolling Out On Android

WhatsApp has been testing a new feature for its Android app that will enable users to view videos hosted on select platforms using the Picture-in-Picture or PiP mode. This feature wasn’t available in the 2.18.234 Android beta version but improvements have since been made to it and now the feature has been enabled for all users who use the beta version.

WhatsApp To Get A Dark Mode As Well

Many major apps have been updated in recent months with a “dark mode” that has become quite popular with users across the globe. This particular mode is very easy on the eyes and one of the reasons why people like it so much. It makes it easier to use the apps in the dark or when there’s low light. The WhatsApp team is now reportedly working on a dark mode […]