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WhatsApp Has Delayed Its Privacy Policy Change
Earlier this month, it was reported that WhatsApp would be implementing a new privacy policy that would essentially allow them to share data with Facebook. This has led to a lot of confusion as many were unaware of what exactly WhatsApp would be sharing, and many assumed the worst, which led to WhatsApp publishing an FAQ.

Telegram Sees 25 Million New Users In The Last 72 Hours
With WhatsApp announcing that they will soon start sharing data with Facebook, this has led to a bit of a panic where people are worried about what kind of data will be shared, and what it means for privacy. So much so that they have started to flock to other more privacy-based apps like Signal and Telegram.

WhatsApp Publishes FAQ On Its Data Sharing With Facebook
As many of you might have heard by now, WhatsApp is expected to begin sharing data with Facebook starting next month. Prior to this, WhatsApp had given users the option to opt out, but now it seems like it’s either you agree to WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, or you find yourself another app to use.

Signal Messaging App Sees Boost In Signups Following Changes To WhatsApp’s Policy
As many of you might have heard by now, WhatsApp has made some changes to its privacy policy where it basically says that your data will be shared with Facebook. The company did previously allow users to opt out of the data-sharing a while ago, but now it looks like it’s either you share your data or you stop using the app.


WhatsApp Will Soon Begin Sharing Data With Facebook
Given the number of users on WhatsApp, it is no doubt a treasure trove of information for companies like Facebook that thrive on user information to help sell personalized ads. For those worried about WhatsApp sharing data with Facebook, it looks like your nightmare is about to come true.

Over 1 Billion Calls Were Made On WhatsApp On New Year’s Eve
WhatsApp has to be one of the biggest messaging platforms available right now, and it certainly shows. According to an announcement by Facebook, WhatsApp’s parent company, they have revealed that for New Year’s Eve in 2020, over 1 billion voice and video calls were made through the app.

WhatsApp Testing Voice And Video Calls For The Web
WhatsApp has long supported both voice and video calls on its mobile application, but for some reason it was never available through its desktop/web client. However, there is some good news on that front because according to WABetaInfo, it seems that the latest beta of WhatsApp for the desktop/web has gained voice and video call support.

The FTC Wants To Break Up Facebook, WhatsApp, And Instagram
It is no secret that Facebook is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, social media platform at the moment. Facebook plays home to a billion users, and it also owns other popular platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram. Now it seems that the FTC is feeling that maybe Facebook has too much of a monopoly on social media, and wants to break them up.

WhatsApp Launches New Disappearing Messages Feature
While our phones are encrypted and prevents people from unlocking it unless we authorize them, that doesn’t mean that all our contents are 100% secure. This is why despite it sometimes being a bit redundant and inefficient, having extra layers of security might not be a bad idea, especially if you deal with sensitive information.

WhatsApp Update Makes It Easier For You To Bulk Delete Forwarded Photos
Like most messaging apps, WhatsApp is no stranger to spam and chances are, you’ve probably been on the receiving end of many forwarded photos and videos. If you didn’t set your WhatsApp settings correctly, all these forwarded photos and videos will be automatically downloaded and saved to your mobile device.

WhatsApp’s New Feature Lets You Mute Chats Indefinitely
We all have that one friend or one relative that loves sending us all kinds of weird random crap on WhatsApp. Or sometimes there are group chats that just won’t keep quiet throughout the day. It can be annoying, which is why WhatsApp has a mute feature. Oddly enough, this mute feature was kind of limited.

WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Purchase Items Directly In The App
WhatsApp has created the ability for companies and individuals to create business accounts which allows customers to reach out for questions, customer service, and so on. We’ve also seen how these business accounts can help facilitate purchase inquiries by previewing products, but that will change soon, and possibly for the better.

WhatsApp Web Could Soon Get Voice And Video Calls
WhatsApp for the web does a lot of things the mobile version can do. It can send and receive messages, send photos, videos, and documents. For the most part, it does a pretty good job as a messenger service. However, one shortcoming of the platform is that it lacks voice and video call support.

WhatsApp Support For iPad Could Still Be In The Works
Last year it was revealed that WhatsApp for the iPad could be in the works. However, we haven’t heard anything since, but it has now been suggested that maybe it could be launching in the near future. This is based on a recent report in which it was revealed that WhatsApp could be working on allowing multiple devices to use the same number.

WhatsApp Now Lets You Reverse Search Forwarded Messages
To combat fake news, WhatsApp has put a limit on how many times and how many people a message can be forwarded. This is because sometimes people do not necessarily do their own research and form their opinions based on these messages that are either outright lies or incorrect to a certain degree.

WhatsApp Could Soon Work Across Multiple Devices With The Same Number
Unlike apps like LINE, Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp relies on a phone number as a personal identifier. This means that you are pretty much limited to just having WhatsApp on one device (not counting the web/desktop version of the app). This can be a bit troublesome if you own multiple devices that you’d like to receive messages on.

Facebook Could Introduce Cross-Platform Messaging Between WhatsApp And Messenger
Facebook currently owns several methods of communication. They have Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram, all of which allow users to message each other. However, accordion to a report from WABetaInfo, it seems that Facebook could be considering cross-platform messaging where users on Messenger could potentially communicate with users on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Just Announced A Bunch Of Fun And Convenient Updates
WhatsApp has become more or less the de facto messenger service for many. However, while it is extremely popular, it does not necessarily mean that it is the best, and that there are other messaging apps that do come with better features, but the good news is that it looks like WhatsApp will be getting some of them now.

WhatsApp’s Payments Have Started To Roll Out To Users
For a while now, Facebook has been trying to figure out a way to monetize WhatsApp. The company acquired WhatsApp several years ago in what some called one of the most expensive acquisitions in tech, but to date, Facebook has yet to charge users to use the service (although the idea of introducing ads has been floated in the past).

Privacy Flaw Exposed WhatsApp Users’ Phone Numbers In Google Search
While we do give out our phone numbers quite a bit, it’s a different story when we willingly give it out versus having it listed without our knowledge or permission. Unfortunately for WhatsApp users, it seems that due to a privacy flaw, it accidentally exposed users’ phone numbers in Google search listings.