WhatsApp To Get A Dark Mode As Well

Many major apps have been updated in recent months with a “dark mode” that has become quite popular with users across the globe. This particular mode is very easy on the eyes and one of the reasons why people like it so much. It makes it easier to use the apps in the dark or when there’s low light. The WhatsApp team is now reportedly working on a dark mode […]

WhatsApp Now Shows Media Previews In Notifications

Whenever an image or GIF is sent over WhatsApp, iOS users will see a camera emoji that depicts that a media file has been sent. However it appears that in an update to the messaging app, media previews will now be shown in notifications which means that you can see what has been sent without having to open the app.

WhatsApp Google Drive Backups Don’t Get End-To-End Encryption

WhatsApp is the most popular cross-platform messaging service. It lets users backup data to Google Drive. Many don’t send a lot of media files through WhatsApp so their backups would be small. However, those who share a lot of content would have heftier backups which would obviously take up space in Google Drive. The company recently teamed up with Google and announced that WhatsApp backups won’t count towards Drive storage. […]

WhatsApp Android Backup Will No Longer Count Towards Google Drive Storage

WhatsApp for Android backups its data onto Google Drive. If you’re the type that doesn’t keep a lot of media files in WhatsApp, or chooses not to backup media files, chances are your backup data is pretty small. However there are probably many who use the backup to store photos and videos and that can get pretty big.


Researchers Find That WhatsApp Messages & Usernames Can Be Faked

One of the security features that WhatsApp touts is end-to-end encryption. This means that messages are sent and received encrypted, meaning that even if in the event they are intercepted, they cannot be read by the person(s) intercepting it. However according to security researchers, it seems that isn’t necessarily the case.

WhatsApp Status Will Soon Start Showing Ads

For the longest time ever, many were wondering how Facebook planned on making money from WhatsApp. Considering how much money Facebook paid for WhatsApp, obviously Facebook would like to recover their investment. Recently Facebook’s plans to start monetizing WhatsApp was revealed, and now more details have surfaced.

Facebook Is Getting Serious About Making Money From WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular cross-platform messaging service. It’s free for all users and doesn’t serve any ads. However, after reporting less than desirable earnings last Wednesday, Facebook is now showing that it’s getting serious about making money from WhatsApp. Fortunately, its new revenue stream for WhatsApp won’t impact the average user’s experience with the service.

WhatsApp Rolling Out ‘Mark As Read’ Button On Notifications

Notifications are a great way to let us know we have messages, emails, and so on that we need to deal with. However we can’t always attend to them all the time, and for WhatsApp users on Android it looks like as handy new feature has started to roll out for some users in the form of a “Mark as read” button.

WhatsApp Group Calling Feature Is Now Live

During Facebook’s F8 keynote from a couple of months ago, the company announced some new features that would be coming to WhatsApp, such as group calling. As the name implies, group calling is where users can call groups of friends together at once, and it works with both voice and video.

WhatsApp Rejects India’s Request To End Encryption

Encryption is great for everyone because it basically means that information is protected, but unfortunately this is a double-edge sword because it means that sometimes information, such as evidence, is also protected and law enforcement cannot access it. This is an issue that many companies are facing, and WhatsApp is no exception.

WhatsApp Testing Feature That Detects Shady Links

Receiving spam via SMS is pretty common and unfortunately there’s really not much on can do about it. However spammer have also managed to invade messenger apps such as WhatsApp, and we’re sure that there are many users who have received spam messages on WhatsApp, but it looks like WhatsApp is actively trying to do something about it.

WhatsApp Taking Steps To Combat Spread Of Misinformation

Being a messaging app that is used by millions upon millions of users in the world, it’s not surprising that WhatsApp also plays home to scams, spammers, and also false information. Recently the company introduced some new features to help users identify messages that have been forwarded, and now they’re taking additional steps that expands on it.

WhatsApp Starts Labeling Forwarded Messages

Before fake news on social media was a thing, the easiest way for people looking to spread misinformation was to run a chain of forwarded messages on WhatsApp, the world’s largest cross-platform messaging service. You may have received a few over the years making dubious claims about one thing or the other. WhatsApp wants to clamp down on the spread of misinformation on its platform which is why it has […]

WhatsApp Adds One-Way Broadcast Messages To Groups

WhatsApp has recently been improving the groups experience for its users. It has added some new features such as group descriptions, a new catch up feature, and protection for people who are added to groups they have left repeatedly. The Facebook-owned company today announced that it’s adding a one-way broadcast messages feature to groups.