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Facebook Ditches Plans To Introduce Ads In WhatsApp
WhatsApp had a bit of a mixed business model at the start. The company had initially charged users an annual subscription fee, but they later removed it, and ever since then, the app has been free to use. When Facebook acquired it, there was no doubt that the company planned to monetize the app, but how exactly would they do that?

WhatsApp Flaw Could Crash The App For Group Chat Members
One of the popular features of WhatsApp is group chats, where users can create groups for different occasions and different groups of friends, family members, colleagues, and so on. However, according to security research firm, Check Point Research, it seems that they have discovered a security flaw that could be problematic.

FTC Might Block Facebook From Merging Its Messaging Apps
As many of you know, Facebook owns several prominent social media platforms and messaging apps, such as Instagram and WhatsApp. For the most part, they have all managed to stay separate and somewhat independent of each other. However, earlier this year it was reported that Facebook could actually be planning on unifying them.

Millions Of WhatsApp Users Will Lose Access In 2020
WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps in the world today. Given that it is free and can be used as long as there is an internet connection, it’s not surprising that is a very popular choice. However, come 2020, it seems that millions of WhatsApp users could potentially lose access to the app.


WhatsApp Will Soon Let Users Browse Products In-App
While most of us might take WhatsApp as a messaging app between friends and family and co-workers, it is also being used as a business tool where business can use WhatsApp to keep in touch with their customers. Now in a step further to make WhatsApp a more robust business tool, the company will soon let users browse products within the app itself.

WhatsApp To Add Self-Destructing Messages Soon
Self-destructing messages are quite useful when it comes to sharing sensitive information. You might have seen this feature on Telegram and some other messaging apps.However, for WhatsApp, it is going to be a significant feature addition when it arrives. You may or may not observe the feature yet in the latest beta but WABetaInfo spotted this addition.It is currently in the development phase and will be rolling out to the […]

WhatsApp Will Stop Working On Device Running iOS 8 In February 2020
If for whatever reason you are still holding onto an iOS device running iOS 8, then you might want to take note because according to WhatsApp, the company has confirmed that come 1st of February, 2020, the app will stop working for these devices, where you will need to update to iOS 9 or later if you wish to keep using it.

WhatsApp Flaw Lets Hackers Alter Your Chats
One of the security features of WhatsApp is support for end-to-end encryption. This means that messages sent and received through WhatsApp are encrypted, which in theory means that no one would be able to intercept and read your messages mid-transmission. However, security researchers at Check Point are now suggesting otherwise.

WhatsApp For iPad Could Be In The Works
WhatsApp has evolved over the years from being an app exclusive to smartphones, to being made available on the desktop. However, if there is one platform that WhatsApp has yet to truly support, it would be tablets. This is largely due to WhatsApp requiring the user to have a phone number, something that tablets do not typically have.

WhatsApp Now Available For KaiOS Feature Phones
Some of you might be aware that KaiOS, a web-based operating system for feature phones, has been heavily invested in by Google. It obviously doesn’t have that many apps and the absence of WhatsApp was felt by many. The cross-platform messaging service is used by billions of people across the globe but it wasn’t available for KaiOS, which meant that people who bought those feature phones couldn’t get it. That […]

WhatsApp And Telegram Security Flaw Allows Hackers To Manipulate Your Media Files
Both WhatsApp and Telegram tout themselves as secure messaging systems thanks to their use of end-to-end encryption. However, according to researchers from Symantec, they have discovered that there is a flaw in both their systems that allow hackers to potentially manipulate media files that have been sent and received through its platforms.

Facebook, WhatsApp, And Instagram Facing Outage Today
Cloudflare’s troubles knocked down many sites yesterday for a couple of hours before everything was up and running once again. Today, it’s Facebook and its properties facing a similar issue. Reports have come in from users across the globe that they’re not able to use Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp in what appears to be another widespread outage. This is actually the third major outage for Facebook properties this year.

WhatsApp Now Lets You Share Your Status To Facebook
Facebook brought the Status feature to WhatsApp a couple of years ago after it saw considerable success with it on properties like Instagram and Facebook proper. However, the feature didn’t really take off as much as one would have expected on WhatsApp. Nevertheless, the company continues to push this feature, and it now has the ability to also share your status to Facebook and other apps.

How To Share Your Location On WhatsApp
Trying to tell a friend where you are or trying to let a customer know where your shop is? Location sharing on WhatsApp will let you do just that, and here’s how you can go about doing it.