img_1_1368634127_0f90cac94bfd7222b85c4114d122c5acWhen it comes to professional cameras, one of the few interchangeable things about it would be the lens, the optional battery grip, and the detachable flash unit, but what if our cameras could be more modular than that? What if we were able to actually rotate the sensor itself so that we can switch from landscape to portrait without having to get into weird, uncomfortable and sometimes awkward positions? Enter the Aspeckt, a concept modular SLR system which was cooked up by a team from the University of Applied Science in Germany.

As you can see in the exploded view above, the entire camera is modular, ranging from the lens, the battery grip, the LCD display, and even the dial. It has been suggested that because of this modular system, the image sensor can even be rotated to switch between landscape and portrait. The computing processor of the camera is modular as well, along with the battery with ergonomic grip, and the viewfinder. The Aspekt camera has also been designed to support older lenses which might not always be supported by today’s SLR cameras. It’s an interesting idea, albeit somewhat bulky, but what do you guys think? Any photographers out there can see the potential in a modular camera design?

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