When it comes to security, most of us would not mind forking out additional dough for that extra bit of protection – whether it is in the digital arena or for the home. A new company known as August might be one to something here with their new Internet-enabled Smart Locks that was created by designer Yves Behar, where it offers a free service which enables you to send and receive access keys to anyone who happens to own an iPhone 5 or 4S. Hmmm, it seems that owners of smartphones that run on other mobile operating system have been sidelined here – at least for the moment.

The August can be retrofitted to current deadbolt lock, where the basic installation move would require removing a couple of screws and replacing your current interior lock turn, ensuring that the actual lock mechanism and exterior key plate are kept intact. After installation, you are able to manually lock the door from the inside by turning the chunky, ridged lock module itself, or you can opt to take the high tech route by bringing your iPhone within range of the unit as it will run on Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. Ah well, at least you need not fumble for your keys when you return home after a smashing party, no?

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