google-hire-gamingIt was a few weeks ago when some compelling evidence made its way to the general newswire, where Google did seem as though they are about to roll out a kind of gaming service that is powered by none other than their very own Android platform. This Android gaming service would bring together a slew of individual games with online matchmaking, leaderboards, and achievements, the works! Not only that, there is also a new person whom Google hired that surely points in the right direction that Google is indeed placing additional emphasis on mobile gaming.

The man who is now on Google’s payroll would be Noah Falstein, someone who has years of experience in the gaming industry under his belt, with his first foray being the arcade game Sinistar back in the early 1980s. Having picked him up as Google’s Chief Game Designer last month, some snooping around revealed that an older cached copy of his LinkedIn page saw the designation of Chief Game Designer at where else but Android Play Studio, so we look forward to see what Google and Noah have up their sleeves.

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