honeybee-bombHaving the right kind of equipment in modern day warfare is definitely one of the keys to implementing a successful strategy, so it is rather interesting to read about how insects, in particular honeybees, could be part of the explosives squad. Of course, this would be a defensive movement instead of being an offensive one, where honeybees will help us humans out in removing nasty and dangerous landmines that are left over. For instance, mines in Croatia happen to be a hangover from the Balkan Wars during the 1990s, where approximately 750 square kilometers (466 square miles) of dangerous terrain are still part of the country, resulting in it being a potentially fatal issue for campers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Bees could come to the rescue thanks to their perfect sense of smell. Should one be able to condition these pollen loving insects the right way, they could eventually associate the smell of TNT with their food.

Not only that, since bees are more or less lightweight in nature, they won’t set off mines unlike rats and dogs who do this life threatening job. Nikola Kezic happens to lead this particular research, and he oozes with optimism with the current results. We too, hope that Kezic and his team succeeds eventually for the betterment of humanity.

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