NASA Builds Its Most Powerful Rocket To Date
Come 2024, NASA has plans to send astronauts to the moon as part of the organization’s Artemis project. To do so, NASA is building a rocket as part of its Space Launch System which they have recently shown off where they are calling it the most powerful rocket ever built. According to NASA, they claim that this rocket will be able to pack a multitude of things including Orion, astronauts, […]

Researchers Find That Reducing Brain Inflammation Could Potentially Reverse Dementia
In our heads, there exists what is known as the blood-brain barrier which is a border that separates circulating blood from the brain. This in turn also prevents molecules or infectious organisms in our blood to leak into our brain, but the problem is that as we age, scientists have discovered that this barrier gets weaker, which causes chemicals to leak into our brain resulting in inflammation that leads to […]

Artificial Neurons Could Solve A Lot Of Chronic Diseases
While our bodies are perfectly capable of healing itself, there are certain things that we just cannot recover from. However, as medical technology is progressing, certain parts of our bodies can soon be replaced with artificial creations. Take for example our eyes, where we are starting to insert lenses into them to improve eyesight.

New ‘Blue Energy’ Tech Could Soon Replace Nuclear Power Plants
While nuclear energy definitely gets the job done, the fact of the matter is that nuclear energy isn’t “clean” and there is always the danger that should these plants ever meltdown, it could be disastrous, as we have seen in the past. This is why many governments around the world are looking to replace existing nuclear power plants with cleaner energy sources.


Doctors Have Figured Out A Way To Bring A Dead Heart Back To Life
When it comes to transplanting organs, the timeframe in which an organ remains viable for transplant is pretty small. This window becomes even smaller when it comes to heart transplants as hearts can only be transplanted from a still-living person (usually from donors who have been declared brain dead).

Underwater Speakers Could Help To Revive Dying Coral Reefs
While coral reefs might be pretty to look at, they also play a very important role in the ocean’s ecosystem and due to pollutants and the constant changes in our environment, many coral reefs around the world are slowly dying. However, could there be a way to slow the process down and maybe even reverse it?

Apparently Cows Wearing VR Headsets Will Produce Better Milk
Thanks to the magic of virtual reality (VR) technology, it allows us to be transported into virtual worlds while staying in one place. This is a pretty awesome feeling if you’ve ever taken a VR headset for a spin, and apparently it looks like the concept is now being tested on animals, in particular, the cow.

Doctors Place Humans In Suspended Animation For The First Time
There are certain medical emergencies where doctors only have minutes to save a patient’s life. Unfortunately, this isn’t always successful, but in the future, doctors might have a larger window of time to do so. This is because for the first time ever, doctors at the University of Maryland School of Medicine have managed to place a human being in suspended animation.

Parents In China Are Testing Their Babies’ DNA To See If They Might Be Prodigies
How does one tell if their child might grow up to be a prodigy? It’s hard to tell as for all we know, some of us might have talents that were never nurtured, but apparently over in China, parents are starting to test the DNA of their babies in hopes of discovering potential talents that could turn their children into prodigies.

A Man Built A ‘Wheelchair’ For His Pet Goldfish
If you’ve ever reared a fish as a pet, you might have noticed that sometimes, your fish might have problems swimming where they can no longer maintain themselves upright and will start swimming on their sides. This is known as swim bladder disease and is actually pretty common amongst aquarium fish.

Scientists Treat Alzheimer’s In Mice Using Light And Sound
Despite all our advances in the medical industry, there are still certain diseases and ailments that do not have a cure. Unfortunately, one of those diseases is Alzheimer’s, which at the moment there is still no cure for. However, thanks to research done by scientists at MIT, they could be onto something.

This Algorithm Can ‘Remove’ The Water From Underwater Photos With Stunning Results
We’re not sure how many of you take photos while underwater, but underwater photos is a pretty common thing, especially amongst those who enjoy diving and love documenting their dives and also capturing photos of sealife. However, one of the problems with underwater photography is that sometimes the water can add an unnecessary hue to your photos.

Researchers Create A Battery Better At Storing Renewable Energy
Due to the fact that renewable energy sources aren’t always consistent or available (like the sun or the wind), it means that in order to make full use of them, we need to capture the energy they generate and store it in batteries. These batteries are known as flow batteries where the energy capture is stored in a tank of liquid electrolyte.

Scientists Create An Artificial Leaf That Converts Carbon Dioxide Into Fuel
Plants are incredibly useful because not only do they help create a soothing effect and looking pleasing to the eye, but because they are also incredibly functional, where plants have the ability to take carbon dioxide from the air and turn it into oxygen, something that the majority of living beings need in order to survive.