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Researchers Develop Paint That Could Help Reduce The Earth’s Heating
Apart from a choice of aesthetics, there are reasons why certain colors are preferred when it comes to certain things. For example, when choosing curtains to block out the sun, people tend to go with black, but when you’re trying to keep things light and airy and cooling, people tend to go with white.

NVIDIA And Harvard Use AI To Speed Up Genome Analysis
There are certain science experiments that can take a while before the results are returned. Take for example genome analysis. This is a process that can take a little over twos for it to be completed, but that could change in the future, thanks to the efforts of researchers at NVIDIA and Harvard.

Researchers Develop Insect-Like Drones That Can Withstand Impact
With drones, obviously if you can make them really small they would be inconspicuous and would not be noticed by anyone. However, the downside to small drones is that you would have to sacrifice certain things, like ditching the motor which in turn could make it less effective compared to a drone with a motor.

Researchers Use Ultrasound To Help Treat Patients With Alzheimers
According to researchers, one of the reasons they believe could be the reason behind people developing Alzheimer’s is due to the build-up of proteins around the brain cells. If there was some way that these protein build-ups could be flushed out, that could potentially help cure or treat the symptoms, right?


The CIA Once Had A Robotic Spy Catfish Called Charlie
If you saw a fish swimming in the lakes or rivers or the sea, chances are you probably wouldn’t think twice about it being there. We can only assume that is one of the reasons why a couple of decades ago, the CIA actually created a robotic catfish, which they called Charlie, and used it for intel gathering operations.

New Prototype COVID-19 Test Can Deliver Results Three Times Faster
Right now, the gold-standard test for COVID-19 is the PCR test. This is usually favored more than the rapid testing kits (RTK) as they have been found to be more accurate. However, the downside to PCR tests is that they usually take a while for results to come back as they have to be sent to a lab for analysis.

Scientists Have Found A Way To Communicate With People While They Are Dreaming
What happens when we dream? Why is our brain creating these scenarios and events in our head? How does it choose what we want or need to see? Those are questions about dreams that we still don’t have much knowledge about, but couldn’t we just ask the dreamer about their dreams while it is happening?

Researchers Have Found A Way To 3D Print Bone Directly Into The Body
The concept of 3D printing body parts, like a titanium hip replacement, aren’t new. However, the problem with 3D printing bone is that it usually involves synthetic components which means that you’re essentially introducing something foreign into your body. However, researchers at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, have figured out a new way.

The UK Will Soon Begin The World’s First Human COVID-19 Trial
Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic begun. Scientists and researchers around the world were seemingly caught off guard and many scrambled to find the answers to better understand how the virus is passed along to humans, what are the effects, and if there are any long-lasting consequences.

Researchers Create A Paste That Could One Day Fuel Our Automobiles
Right now many are looking at creating a future in which fossil fuels will no longer be used to power our automobiles. The direction that we’re heading towards comes in the form of electric cars that run on a battery that does not require fuel, or at least not directly (it will need to be charged electrically which still uses fuel in some instances).

Researchers Create Origami-Like Patch For Sealing Internal Injuries
Cutting someone open to save them is a double-edged sword. This is because of the stress that such an operation could have on the body, which is why robotic surgery is becoming an increasingly popular choice as it can help with minimally invasive surgery thanks to its parts being relatively small, at least compared to our hands and fingers.

Smart Cameras Installed In Wind Turbines Could Reduce Accidental Bird Deaths
Installations like wind turbines are supposed to be good for the environment as it will reduce our dependency on fossil fuels for energy. However, it seems that these large installations have a negative side effect and that is it could result in accidental deaths of birds who might either fly into it or get hit by the blades.

This Is How Apple’s Non-Invasive Blood Monitoring Apple Watch Feature Could Work
A recent report suggested that Apple could have finally figured out a way to include a blood sugar monitoring tool in the Apple Watch. More importantly, this method is said to be a noninvasive method that will not require users to prick their fingers to draw blood, which can be a bit unsanitary depending on where you are.

Scientists Have Managed To Make Paralyzed Mice Walk Again
Injury to the spine often means that a person becomes paralyzed and might never walk again or regain control over their lower limbs. This is usually a permanent sort of thing, but thanks to German researchers, it seems that there could be hope that one day in the future where people with spinal cord injuries and who are paralyzed might be able to walk again.

Study Finds COVID-19 Vaccine Could Be More Effective Than We Think
As vaccines for the coronavirus are starting to make their way around the world, there are still many questions that have yet to be answered. For example, does getting vaccinated mean that a person will no longer be capable of being infected, or if they are infected, are still considered to be contagious?

A Legally Blind Man Regained His Sight With The Help Of A Synthetic Cornea
Back in the day if you were afflicted by certain medical conditions, like being blind, there was really not much doctors could do. However, thankfully medical technology has advanced a lot since then, where a 78-year old man who was deemed legally blind has managed to regain his sight thanks to the help of synthetic corneas.

You Can Now Download The CIA’s Declassified Files On UFOs
Does the US government know more about UFOs than they are letting on? Are there things that they might be hiding from the public? Those are some the questions that many people have asked and entertained for decades, and for those who consider themselves UFO buffs or enthusiasts, you’re in luck.

Boston Dynamics Robots Have Learnt How To Dance
If you’re really into robots, then Boston Dynamics is most likely a company that you’ve been following. The company has made some pretty impressive strides over the years with its development on robots, and to end the year, the company has released a new video that shows off its robots dancing.

Human-Made Materials Now Outweighs The Earth’s Biomass
On our planet, there are materials that occur naturally, but then there are also materials that we as humans make. Now based on research from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, it has been estimated that for the first time, human-made materials have outweighed the Earth’s biomass.

Scientists Successfully Turn CO2 Into Jet Fuel
Planes use a lot of fuel to power themselves, and in turn the fuel they use is burned and CO2 is given off, which has contributed to climate change. Airline companies have tried to offset this by planting more trees or setting up wind farms, but is that enough? Could there be a better way to approach this problem?