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China Wants To Build The World’s First ‘Clean’ Commercial Nuclear Reactor
Did you know that nuclear power is actually considered cleaner than traditional forms of energy that rely on fossil fuel? However, the horrific visions painted by nuclear reactor meltdowns seem to have painted the energy source in a bad light, but scientists in China are hoping that their plan to build a “clean” nuclear reactor could help change the minds of people.

Researchers Create Artificial Spider Silk That’s Stronger Than Steel, Tougher Than Kevlar
When you think of materials like steel or Kevlar, you get this impression that they are tough, durable, and strong. After all, Kevlar is used to help make bullet-proof vests as well as clothing that is resistant to cuts. It is also used in some sporting equipment due to the fact that it is durable but at the same time lightweight.

This Wearable Device Could Run Forever As It Is Powered By Human Sweat
Right now wearables like smart clothing or smartwatches need batteries to run because where else would they get the energy, right? However, engineers at the University of California San Diego might have figured out a way to potentially get our devices to remain powered forever, thanks to human sweat.

Korean University Develops Toilet That Turns Poop Into Energy And Pays Students To Use It
When we go take a poop and we flush, that poop goes to a sewer treatment plant that uses energy to treat the waste. But what if the opposite was true? What if when we poop, instead of merely looking at it as waste, it can be used for something else, like maybe converting our waste into energy?


Brain Implant Turns Paralyzed Man’s Thoughts Into Words
You would think someone who is paralyzed and is unable to move or speak would have a hard time communicating to others. In the past, this might have been true, but thanks to the efforts of researchers they have managed to help a man with paralysis turn his thoughts into words with a brain implant.

This Pizza Shop In Paris Is Operated Entirely By Robots
The concept of food being cooked by robots isn’t exactly new. However, for the most part a lot of times it exists more of a proof-of-concept and generally speaking, humans still cook the majority of our food. However, over in Paris, the city has welcomed Pazzi Pizzeria, a pizzeria that is operated entirely by robots.

This Robot Can Help People To Dress Themselves
People with certain disabilities might find even the most mundane of tasks, like dressing oneself, to be difficult. Of course, having someone there to help would be ideal, but since that isn’t always possible, researchers at MIT CSAIL have come up with a potential solution, and that is to create a robot that can help with tasks like that.

Researchers Develop An AI That Detects Prostate Cancer Before The Symptoms Show
We all get sick from time to time, but generally speaking it is better to prevent it from happening in the first place, or if it happens, to catch it early to increase the likelihood of you coming out of it with relatively fewer problems. For men, this might come in the form of prostate cancer where regular checkups are necessary in order to detect if something could be wrong.

Researchers Develop A Pacemaker That Can Dissolve Into The Body
Sometimes people need to have pacemakers implanted into them on a temporary basis, like when they are coming out of cardiac surgery or when they’re waiting for a permanent pacemaker to be installed. However, the problem with temporary pacemakers is that removing them requires surgery which in turn is risky as it could end up damaging the heart.

Mozilla Wants You To Share Your Data, But Not With Advertisers
Browsers these days come with built-in privacy protection designed to help protect your data and information from being used by advertisers for targeted advertising. There is no denying that all our information is valuable, and now it seems that Mozilla wants users to consider sharing their data, but not with advertisers, but with scientists.

Researchers Have Converted Recycled Plastic Bottles Into Vanilla Flavoring
The idea of recycling plastic bottles and plastic bags sounds good on paper, but the reality is that it isn’t quite as easy. This is because it can sometimes cost more energy to recycle than it takes to produce, and as it stands, it has been estimated that plastics tend to lose 95% of their value as a material after a single use.

This 1,000 Foot Wind Turbine Array Can Power 80,000 Homes
We know that wind turbines are used as a form of alternative energy in some countries. However, the problem with wind turbines would be the installation and costs involved in them, but Norway’s Wind Catching Systems thinks that they might have figured it out with a 1,000 foot array of wind turbines.

Hard Drives Made With Graphene Could Store Ten Times As Much Data
The storage capacity of hard drives is certainly increasing and we have come a long way from the good old days where floppy disks could only store 1.44MB of data. However, as our media gets bigger, we are going to need hard drives that can store even larger amounts of data, and scientists think that graphene could be the answer.

Scientists Think That Humans Have A Maximum Lifespan Of 150 Years
How old can humans live for? That is an interesting question. To date, the oldest person who has ever lived that has been verified is Jeanne Calment, a woman born in France in 1875 and who lived to a ripe old age of 122 years, 164 days, but is it possible to live to be even older than that?

Researchers Create A Robotic Probe That Could Be Used To Detect Landmines
Clearing buried landmines can be a tedious and dangerous process, but that might not be the case anymore in the (hopefully) not-so-distant future. This is because thanks to researchers at MIT, they have built a robot called the “Digger Finger” that could be used to help safely detect buried objects such as landmines.

Study Finds Dogs Can Sniff Out COVID-19 Patients In Under A Second
There are many questions as to how the world will reopen once the pandemic has passed. Right now the issue is that vaccines don’t last very long, and reopening the borders for tourism and business might prove tricky if people don’t keep up to date with their vaccines, plus it would be very inconvenient and could be a deterrent if passengers were forced to undergo quarantines everytime they go to […]

Singapore Government Approves COVID-19 Breath Test System
Right now two of the more commonly used methods to test someone for COVID-19 would be to either use RTK or PCR, with the former offering faster but less accurate results, while the latter usually requires a day. Both are kind of invasive as it involves putting swabs deep into your nose and down your throat, which some find uncomfortable.

This ‘Blind’ Robot Can Walk Up A Flight Of Stairs By Itself
Robots, just like humans, require sensors in order for them to “see” like we would with our eyes. However, also just like humans, these sensors don’t always work so well especially in dim lighting conditions or in the dark. In such a scenario, a robot would almost be useless, but that’s not the case with Cassie.

This Underwater Drone Uses Light, Not Cables, To Communicate
Radio waves don’t travel well through water, which means that in order to send a robot down underwater and to communicate with it, in the past this would have involved using a tether in the form of a cable. However, the downsides are obvious, like not being able to go deep enough because the cable would have a fixed length.

Brain Implant Helps Paralyzed People Write With Their Minds
The idea of using brain implants to help those who are paralyzed do certain things isn’t new, but the reality doesn’t always match the concept. For example, there are implants and eye-tracking tech that allows those who are paralyzed to communicate with others, but this is usually a rather slow process.