Scientists Bioengineer A Bacteria That Can Eat Plastic And Turns It Into Water

The fact that plastic takes almost forever to degrade is a huge problem, especially since there will come a point in time where we will simply run out of space to keep our plastic trash. This is why there have been initiatives to eliminate plastic straws and bags used when you go to the supermarket.

Scientists Use Gut Bacteria To Convert All Blood Types To Type O

We are all born with different blood types. What this means is that when it is time for a blood tranfusion, we can only receive blood that is the same type as ours, meaning that a Type A can only receive from a Type A, not a Type B, or Type AB, and so on. This is also why Type O is so valuable because it is the only universal […]

MIT Develops Algorithm That Lets Robots Predicts How Humans Move

There are some who believe that AI combined with robots could mean the end of humanity, where one days there will be a robot uprising where they will take over the Earth. It looks like we could be inching towards that future, where researchers at MIT have developed an algorithm that could help robots predict how humans move.

This Algorithm Can Create Accurate Portraits Based On What You Sound Like

How often have you spoken to someone over the phone only to discover that they don’t look like how you imagined when you meet them in real life? Turns out that AI might actually have a better grasp of predicting what people look like based on how they sound, thanks to the work of researchers.


UK University Hopes To Prevent Suicides By Studying Its Students’ Social Media Accounts

In the past, it has been reported that the things we post and share on our social media platforms could be a sign of our current mental health, where certain postings could actually be a sign that the person could be depressed and might be having suicidal thoughts. In a bid to help prevent suicides, Northumbria University in the UK has announced an initiative that will involve studying the social […]

Iron Man Actor Robert Downey Jr. Wants To Clean Up The World Using Nanotech

Actor Robert Downey Jr. is famous for portraying genius inventor and billionaire extraordinaire Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now it seems that he is using his fame to bring awareness to a problem that is affecting all of us: a polluted world, but it looks like the actor might have the answer to that problem.

Researchers Develop A Patch That Can Take Blood Pressure Readings

Need to take your blood pressure? Unfortunately, at the moment there really isn’t a particularly convenient way to do so, save for attaching those huge cuffs around your arm. This means that you need to be at home or at a doctor’s office in order to take a reading, but researchers at the University of California, San Diego, might have come with up a solution.

CRISPR Gene-Edited Babies Could Have A Shortened Lifespan

Back in 2018, Chinese scientists He Jiankui made the headlines but not necessarily in the best way when he announced that he had edited the embryonic genes of a pair of twin girls using the CRISPR-Cas9 technology. His goal, and also the goal of gene editing, was to make it so that these girls would be immune from the HIV virus carried by their father.

Researchers Develop An Air-Powered Soft Robot

One of the problems with the majority of robots today is that they can come across feeling “cold”. This is due to the use of materials, where robots are generally made out of metal. It makes sense to do so, as metal is durable which means that these robots are more sturdy and durable.

Researchers Want To Develop A Toilet That Can Vaporize Your Poo

If you live in a developed country with access to running water, you probably don’t give too much thought to where your poo goes. You do your business, flush the toilet, and then it becomes someone else’s problem. However, in developing countries, sanitation can a big problem.

Exploding Stars Could Have Been The Reason Why Humans Learned To Walk

There is a lot about our physiological makeup that is evidence of our ability to adapt to our surroundings. For example, have you ever considered why as humans we walk on our two legs instead of walking on all fours? Or why we even have legs instead of a fin? Turns out, it seems that exploding stars could have been the reason why humans have learned to walk.

Washington Is The First US State To Make Human Composting Legal

Nature can sometimes be scary in times of natural disasters, but it is also wondrous and amazing, like when organic waste can be broken down and used as fertilizer for other things. For example, used tea bags and coffee grounds are used quite frequently when it comes to home-made composts.

China’s Moon Rover Finds Mysterious Minerals On The Far Side Of The Moon

The dark side of the moon isn’t just the name of a Pink Floyd album from the 70s. It is also a goal of several space organizations where they are interested in finding out if the side of the moon we can’t see will be any different. China had previously expressed their interest and earlier this year, their Chang’e probe successfully landed on it.

Researchers Find LED Lights Could Cause ‘Irreversible’ Damage To Our Eyes

LED technology has been hailed by many as the next-gen tech that we can expect in our lights and displays. There are benefits to using LEDs, such as how it consumes less power than regular light bulbs, and for our displays, the lower power consumption also means that our phones can last longer.