Leonardo da Vinci’s Revolutionary Bridge Design Has Been Vindicated By Science

Leonardo da Vinci was an inventor that was probably ahead of his time, and as such, it wasn’t surprising that not all of his ideas and designs were made into reality. One of those designs was a bridge that was rejected by his clients. This was due to the design of the bridge that raised some concerns, but now thanks to the work of researchers at MIT, they have since […]

Astronauts Have Successfully Grown Beef In Space For The First Time

If you’re not comfortable with the idea of animals being killed for their meat, or if you believe that our growing consumption and demand for meat is leading to negative changes in our environment and climate, then you might be aware that work is being done on “growing” meat in laboratories, where scientists attempt to recreate meat using science.

Mind-Controlled Exoskeleton Helps Paralyzed Man Walk Again

Our brains are amazing things and we have all see movies where characters can use their minds to control objects or even people. While it might seem far-fetched, there is a grain of truth in such movies, especially when in real-life, we have seen scientists and researchers develop tools that can be controlled using our brain.

New Research Suggests That Achieving ‘Warp Drive’ Is Possible

When we watch sci-fi movies like Star Trek and Star Wars, a common theme they seem to share is the ability for spaceships to fly at the speed of light, allowing them to reach destinations in a matter of seconds. We’re sure that many of us would love to see that eventually come true, although back in the day, renowned physicist Albert Einstein suggested that it might not be possible.


Researchers Use Algorithm To Help Robot Dogs Move More Naturally

As realistic as some robots can look, it can be obvious that they are still robots namely due to their movements which can come across looking unnatural. This is because unlike humans, robots do not possess the muscles nor the thought processes needed to move more naturally, but researchers at Virginia Tech are hoping to change that.

Insane Video Shows A Black Hole Swallowing A Star The Size Of Our Sun

Space can be fascinating because it’s so vast and we still have a lot of it that has yet to be discovered and fully understood. This is why we can totally understand the excitement behind a recent discovery in which for the first time ever, NASA has managed to capture a rare cosmic event with one of their newer telescopes.

Move Over Vantablack, MIT Scientists Might Have Created An Even Blacker Black

Several years ago, a company created a version of black that they called the blackest black ever. It was known as Vantablack and apparently it boasted the ability to absorb 99.965% of light. If you thought that was crazy, it turns out that scientists at MIT might have accidentally created a new version that’s even blacker.

Scientists Harness The Cold Of Outer Space And Turns It Into Renewable Energy

These days there is a greater emphasis than ever on looking for renewable sources of energy. This is because our natural resources are finite and eventually, we will run out of more traditional forms of energy. This is why many companies are turning to the use of solar, wind, and hydro forms of renewable energy.

New Prosthetic Will Amputees ‘Feel’ Their Foot And Knee

The idea behind prosthetics is that they let amputees live their lives more normally. For example, an amputee without a leg might find it hard to walk, but giving them a prosthetic will make their lives a bit easier. However, the downside to prosthetics is that it will never, ever feel like a real limb.

Scientists May Have Identified The Genes Associated With Left-Handedness

People usually fall into the category of being left-handed or right-handed (although there are some who ambidextrous). However, the question is, what determines a person being either a lefty or righty? According to scientists, for the first time ever, they have managed to identify the genes that make a person left-handed.

Scientists Have Discovered A Way To Grow A Tooth’s Enamel

There is a reason why we have been told to avoid eating certain types of food and drinking certain types of drinks, like soft drinks. This is because there are types of food and drink that can erode the enamel on our teeth. This in turn can cause more complicated tooth problems due to the fact that enamel cannot self-repair or grow back.

Researchers Create A Thread-Like Robot That Can Traverse Through Blood Vessels

The problem with open brain surgery are the risks involved in cutting someone’s head open and leaving the brain exposed. However, it is sometimes necessary to deal with certain health issues. However, over at MIT, engineers have managed to create a thread-like robot that is apparently thin enough where it could traverse through the patient’s blood vessels.

Turns Out KFC’s Beyond Fried Chicken Is A Hit, Sells Out In 5 Hours

The other day it was announced that KFC would start testing out Beyond Meat’s fried “chicken”. Now, based on the photos, it seemed like it was pretty obvious that it is different from KFC’s regular chicken. We were a bit skeptical about how well it would do, but as it turns out, KFC did not have anything to worry about.

KFC Will Start Testing Beyond Meat’s Fried ‘Chicken’

It is said that part of the reason behind climate change is due to our desire to eat meat. This is why there have been some companies who are exploring meat alternatives. Now, the idea of veganism or being a vegetarian isn’t new, but for the most part, fake meat has typically tasted bad.