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A 1,000 Medieval Recipe Found To Be A Viable Antibiotic
There is growing concern that because of the amount of antibiotics we are prescribed, that eventually our bodies will develop resistance against them which means that it will make it harder to fight off infections in the future, especially when we need to. However, thanks to a 1,000 medieval recipe, it appears that maybe a more natural antibiotic solution has been found.

Researchers Explore Using Chernobyl Fungi As Radiation Shield For Astronauts
There are many challenges that come with sending people into space, one of which is actually protecting the astronauts that are being sent there from issues such as radiation. Given that when in space, astronauts are not protected by the Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field, naturally we wouldn’t want them to come back irradiated.

This Material Is So Hard That It Cannot Be Cut
Diamonds are largely considered to be one of the hardest, naturally occurring materials on Earth, although with the right tools, you could actually cut or fracture a diamond. However, researchers from Durham University and the  Fraunhofer Institute have created a new synthetic material that is so hard that it cannot be cut.

Moderna’s Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Are Showing Great Promise
Until a vaccine for the coronavirus can be found, it’s safe to say that life will not be returning back to normal. Even in countries like New Zealand where they seem to have gotten a handle on things, it is possible for flare ups to happen especially if they plan on reopening their borders, but there is some good news.


Researchers Have Developed A Medical Wearable Using Just Paper And Pencil
These days with everything being digital, using pens/pencils and writing on paper almost feels archaic. However, it seems that maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the humble pencil and paper just yet, especially when researchers have discovered that it is possible to create medical wearables using nothing but that.

Scientists Have Created A Chocolate With A Hologram-Like Color Changing Finish
There are many, many types of chocolates out there, so we imagine that it can be tricky to try and get people to buy a certain brand over another. This is why many confectionary makers are trying to come up with unique flavors and eye-catching packaging to try and lure customers over to their products.

Scientists Have Found A Potential Way To Improve Age-Related Vision Loss
As we get older, our eyesight is one of the things that starts to go, which is why they say that when we are young, we should take better care of our eyes so that in the future, any issues we have might not be quite as severe. However, thanks to science and technology, perhaps there might be a way to treat it.

Researchers Develop A Robot That Uses UVC Light To Disinfect Warehouses
Bacteria and viruses aren’t new, but if there is anything that the coronavirus pandemic has taught us, it is how easily transmittable some of them are, and how important practicing good hygiene is. While it is possible that one day the coronavirus will be a thing of the past, it doesn’t mean that we should go back to our normal ways.

Singaporean Researchers Turn To Shellfish And Fruits As Plastic Replacements
Plastic has to be one of the least environmentally-friendly materials around. This is because they take forever before they can be broken down naturally, and given that they aren’t as durable compared to other materials like metal, they are easily and frequently discarded when they are no longer in use, like plastic boxes, bags, wrappings, and so on.

Australians Researchers Achieve The World’s Fastest Internet Speeds At 44.2 Terabits Per Second
Internet speeds around the world vary from country to country, and provider to provider. However, over in Australia, researchers from Monash, Swinburne, and RMIT universities have managed to achieve the world’s fastest internet speeds where they managed to clock it at a whopping 44.2Tbps (terabits per second).

You Might Soon Be Able To Taste Foods Shown On A Screen With This Lickable Display
Watch enough food and travel videos on YouTube and you’ll start wishing that you were there yourself to taste and smell the food in person. While we’ve seen some attempts at making smell-o-vision, it seems that in the future, we might also be able to taste foods through our screen thanks to the Taste Display, or the Norimaki Synthesizer.

Scientists Create A Cyborg Eye That’s Almost Like The Real Thing
The problem with a lot of prosthetics today is that they don’t 100% mimic human parts, although some really do come close. However, thanks to the work of scientists at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, they have developed a cyborg eye that is said to be almost like the real thing.

Astronomers Might Have Witnessed The Birth Of A New Planet For The First Time Ever
How was the universe formed? That is a question that many are no doubt curious about. Do planets suddenly just pop into existence? Or were they always there? Now thanks to recent observations made with the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope, scientists might have a better idea.

This Copper-Laced Jacket Could Help Prevent The Coronavirus From Spreading
Depending on the material of a surface, the coronavirus can live for hours or up to days. However, did you know that copper actually can kill viruses? In fact, back in the day, hospitals actually used copper for things like doorknobs to prevent bacteria and virus from spreading, and in 2015, researchers found that copper alloys used in hospital settings actually reduced infection rates by as much as 58%.