This Optical Illusion Tricks Our Brain Into Thinking This Black And White Photo Has Color

Our brains as fascinating things and there is a good chance that there are many secrets behind our brain that have yet to be unlocked. This is why optical illusions are so fun because they trick our brain into seeing things that shouldn’t be there. Take for example a set of black and white photos which when overlaid with color grids, can trick your eyes and brain into thinking that […]

Scientists Have Managed To Decode Our Brain Signals Into Written Text

There are many secrets of the brain that we have yet to unlock and we imagine that we’ve probably only scratched the surface, although we are making good progress where thanks to the technology, we’re seeing more brain-controlled devices. However, it seems that in the future, we may no longer need to type out our sentences and we only need to think them.

These Tattoos Change Colors When Reacting With Glucose Levels

The thing with diabetics is that they need to constantly be aware of their glucose levels to ensure that it doesn’t get too high. This means that throughout the day, they might need to take blood tests which can be rather invasive and troublesome, but it seems that over in Germany, scientists might have found an alternative in the form of tattoos.

Researchers Create A Bandage That Heals Woulds Better Than The Average Plaster

One of the reasons a bandage or a plaster is placed over a wound is to help close it and prevent outside elements getting into an open wound, thus preventing infections and unnecessary complications. However, it seems a team of researchers from Harvard’s Wyss Institute, Harvard’s John A. Paulson School for Engineering and Applied Sciences, and McGill University have created a new type of bandage that can actually speed up […]


Your Smartphone’s Accelerometer Could Be Used To Predict Personality Traits

All our smartphones come with a built-in accelerometer. This is a sensor used to detect the motions in our phones, where it will be able to detect how your phone is being held to determine screen orientation. It can also be used in games, used to detect how fast you’re driving, how many steps you’ve taken, and so on.

This Company Claims To Be Able To Create Food Out Of Thin Air

A lot of the production of our food involves the emission of CO2 gases and that in turn can create a problem for the long-term. This is why there are many who are advocating that we cut back on our consumption of meat, and that is also why companies such Impossible Foods are seeing a lot of interest, thanks to their “meat” that can replicate the look and taste of […]

Elon Musk Wants To Put Computers In Our Brains

One of the challenges to people who are fully paralyzed is their ability to move around. While there have been efforts at creating devices that can be controlled using our brains, Elon Musk’s Neuralink company is hoping to take things one step further by actually implanting computers into our brains.

Scotland’s Wind Turbines Have Generated Enough Energy To Power Homes Twice Over

The resources in our world are not infinite and as such, there will come a day when we run out of some of them, especially if we insist on using resources such as coal to power our power plants. This is why many are starting to look at more sustainable solutions, such as solar, hydro, or wind.

HIV Vaccine To Begin International Testing

We imagine that there will come a time in the future when scientists and researchers finally discover the cure for HIV. So far there have been some promising findings, and now it looks like researchers at Johnson & Johnson are ready to test out what they think could potentially be a vaccine for the disease.

A 13-Year Old Has Figured Out That Hand Dryers Can Hurt Kids’ Ears

Hand dryers can be typically found in bathrooms and have been designed to help dry our hands after we go to the bathroom. They can be rather loud, but that’s because of all the air rushing out that helps with the drying process. However, it seems that hand dryers might actually be bad for kids.

Scientists Successfully Remove HIV From The DNA Of Mice

While people infected with AIDs can still go on to lead relatively long lives, at least longer than back in the day, the fact of the matter is that their bodies are still riddled with the disease. Obviously, a completely cure would be ideal, but science and modern medicine have yet to get to that point.

Researchers Have Created A Shape That Can Block All Sound

Robot ‘Duck’ Could Help Farmers Keep Their Fields Clear Of Weeds

Weeds are the bane of every gardener and farmer’s existence. Over in Asia, rice farmers who have opted not to use pesticides to get rid of weeds instead rely on nature, or more specifically, ducks, to help them get rid of weeds. This is because ducks will tear up weeds, snack on insects, and even their manure will help fertilize their fields.

Millennials Are Growing Horns On Their Skulls From Too Much Phone Usage

One of the fascinating thing about living creatures is the ability to adapt. We’ve seen this happen in countless species, including humans. However, more recently, a study done by scientists David Shahar and Mark G. L. Sayers has us a little concerned as it appears that millennials are starting to grow horns on their skulls.