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Australians Researchers Achieve The World’s Fastest Internet Speeds At 44.2 Terabits Per Second
Internet speeds around the world vary from country to country, and provider to provider. However, over in Australia, researchers from Monash, Swinburne, and RMIT universities have managed to achieve the world’s fastest internet speeds where they managed to clock it at a whopping 44.2Tbps (terabits per second).

You Might Soon Be Able To Taste Foods Shown On A Screen With This Lickable Display
Watch enough food and travel videos on YouTube and you’ll start wishing that you were there yourself to taste and smell the food in person. While we’ve seen some attempts at making smell-o-vision, it seems that in the future, we might also be able to taste foods through our screen thanks to the Taste Display, or the Norimaki Synthesizer.

Scientists Create A Cyborg Eye That’s Almost Like The Real Thing
The problem with a lot of prosthetics today is that they don’t 100% mimic human parts, although some really do come close. However, thanks to the work of scientists at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, they have developed a cyborg eye that is said to be almost like the real thing.

Astronomers Might Have Witnessed The Birth Of A New Planet For The First Time Ever
How was the universe formed? That is a question that many are no doubt curious about. Do planets suddenly just pop into existence? Or were they always there? Now thanks to recent observations made with the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope, scientists might have a better idea.


This Copper-Laced Jacket Could Help Prevent The Coronavirus From Spreading
Depending on the material of a surface, the coronavirus can live for hours or up to days. However, did you know that copper actually can kill viruses? In fact, back in the day, hospitals actually used copper for things like doorknobs to prevent bacteria and virus from spreading, and in 2015, researchers found that copper alloys used in hospital settings actually reduced infection rates by as much as 58%.

Chinese Doctors Find A Potential COVID-19 Cure That Does Not Require A Vaccine
Right now the world is waiting on a vaccine to be developed to help fight against the COVID-19 virus once and for all. At the moment, doctors just have to treat the symptoms as they arise, meaning that the treatment for patients will differ depending on what kind of symptoms they are displaying.

Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine Shows Promising Results, Could Be Ready In January 2021
Moderna is one of the many companies out there who are racing to develop a vaccine to the COVID-19 virus. The company has been forging ahead steadily and have been conducting clinical trials. Health officials have estimated that it would probably take 12-18 months to develop a vaccine, but Moderna thinks it can be done sooner.

New Plant-Based Plastic Bottles Are Designed To Degrade In A Year
If it wasn’t clear before, the coronavirus pandemic has shown the negative effects that humans have had on the world. During the lockdown, we’ve seen air pollution levels drop by quite a bit, but that’s really only the tip of the iceberg. There are still environmental issues that need to be solved, such as plastics.

Researchers Have Developed Antibodies That Are Proving Effective Against The Coronavirus
The race is on to find a cure, treatment, and vaccine for the coronavirus pandemic that is still very much plaguing the entire world. This is because without such options, life will never be able to fully return to normal, but there is good news as it appears that separate groups of researchers seem to be having some luck in developing antibodies that show promising signs.

Scientists Create A Sound So Loud That It Can Instantly Boil Water
Boiling water using high temperatures is pretty much the way that is known by everyone, because this is what we do when we use a kettle to make hot water for our tea and coffee, or when we put a pot over a fire to boil water to make soups and stews. However, it seems that scientists at at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory based in Stanford University have come […]

The Pentagon Has Officially Released Declassified Videos Showing UFOs
Are UFOs real? Over the decades we have come across various stories, photos, and videos that allegedly show UFOs, but it’s hard to tell if those photos and videos are the real deal. For those who wonder if there might life on other planets or galaxies, it’s starting to look like we might not be alone.

NASA Wants To Build A Giant Telescope In One Of The Moon’s Craters
Space is a vast and open place that is still largely unexplored by humans due to the current limitations of our technology. In fact, we are probably in our infancy when it comes to understanding space and knowing what is out there, but it seems that we are taking steps to figure it out.

Scientists Discover Potentially Habitable Planet In Old Kepler Data
The search is on for planets that are inhabitable because due to the finite number of resources we have on Earth, it is possible that one day in the future we might need to seek other planets in order to keep on living. Some planets such as Mars have been proposed as a possibility, but now scientists have discovered another potential.

Potential Coronavirus Vaccine Produces Enough Antibodies To Fight Off The Virus
Right now the race is on to find a vaccine for the coronavirus outbreak that has impacted the world. Unfortunately, there is no known vaccine in the market yet, but there have been great efforts made by companies in which some potential vaccines have already been sent for human trials.