JVC Kenwood has announced that it will be releasing a new car navigation system this month which has a head-up display or HUD. The HUD will display useful information, thus allowing the driver to keep maximum concentration on the road while being updated constantly with simplified instructions and directions. By using LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon) technology, which is similar to a projector, this head-up display is shown next to the car’s rear view mirror. Those who want to see detailed maps or access more information, can do so through the conventional LCD display.

This fighter pilot like experience doesn’t come cheap. While the manufacturer hasn’t suggested a retail price on its own, it is believed that this system, the MDV-737HUD navigation system, will retail for approximately $2,500. The main unit offers many features as well. It is able to play DVDs and CDs, TV through the digital broadcast tuner, Bluetooth, SD memory card slot and USB ports. This is JVC Kenwood first in-car navigation system that uses HUD for displaying crucial information. The screen size of this display is approximately seven inches when it is around 2m away from the driver. It also has a 3D gyro sensor which locks in vehicle location with great accuracy. Who wants to go for a spin? (P.S: press release linked below is in Japanese.)

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