loopwheelUK designer Sam Pearce is the one behind the Loopwheels, which so happens to be a new kind of 20″ bicycle wheel that sports integral suspension, which means it would have ditched Instead of traditional spokes. This translates to the Loopwheels carrying a spring system between the hub and the rim which helps cushion the cyclist from the twin terrors of bumps and potholes. The design update also boasts of a smoother and more comfortable ride, where it is capable of taking in uneven pavements and curbs a whole lot more easier compared to conventional spoked wheels. In addition, Loopwheels can also absorb shocks and transmit fewer vibrations to the cyclist – something to think about if you do a whole lot of riding across bumpy surfaces.

The springs themselves are made out of carbon composite material, where they have been developed to deliver optimum compression and lateral stability in addition to strength and durability. There is a trio of springs in each wheel, where they will work together as a self-correcting system. The spring configuration itself enables the torque to be transferred smoothly between the hub and the rim. Right now, Loopwheels is a Kickstarter project, and it has already passed the funding goal.

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