After watching the following video of what seems to be a never-ending set of stairs that is located in a stairwell at the Rochester Institute of Technology, we’re not sure exactly if it’s an exceptionally well-done video prank, or if there really is something to these stairs that cause its climbers to go appear to go nowhere whether they climb or descend them.

The continuous staircase illusion was created by architect Rafael Nelson Aboganda and is somehow able to make it seem like you haven’t moved to a new floor when you reach the bottom or the top of the stairs. Apparently, these stairs are well known at the Rochester Institute of Technology as a number of people interviewed during the video segment have joked saying they have challenged friends to race them to the top of the stairs.

[Update: It turns out there really is no stairwell that defies the law of physics as this video was created as a way to help fund a failed Kickstarter campaign. It looks like the dream of being able to walk up a flight of stairs to end up going nowhere will continue being just a dream.]

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