manofsteelUnlike single player games, playing multiplayer games such as MMORPGs means that there is rarely a pause button, especially when you’re in the middle of a boss fight in a raid where every action and contribution by a guild member is essential to the success of the encounter. What this means is that when we receive a phone call, usually we let it ring and call back later, but it seems that in the case of Henry Cavill, the star of the upcoming Superman movie, Man of Steel, he almost missed his opportunity to star in the movie due to his love of World of Warcraft.

According to IGN who was quoting an interview Cavill had with GQ in their latest issue, Cavill discussed his love of video games and an incident and a nearly-missed opportunity that he had whilst playing the game. It seems that in the midst of playing the game, director Zakk Snyder called to offer Cavill the role but as Cavill pointed out, “you can’t. It’s live,” and missed the call. Thankfully he managed to get Snyder back on the phone afterwards. What do you guys think? Any of you missed some great opportunities because you were too busy playing a video game to answer a phone call?

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