WebI am quite sure by now that everyone more or less know of the forest fires that happen each year in Indonesia that results in a blanket of haze in the vicinity of South East Asia, and Indonesia’s neighbors, Singapore and Malaysia, tend to bear the brunt of the haze. We have heard stories of how N95 masks have sold out in no time at all, while opportunists take this chance to make a quick buck from the general populace. If only there was a device out there that could help monitor indoor air quality, and this is where the AIRBOXLAB comes in handy. Touted to be the first smart device that monitors your indoor air, it is also capable of giving you predictive and personalized advice so that you can improve your air and life quality.

It is said that even on a normal day, one’s indoor air is 5 to 8 times more polluted compared to the outdoor air, and when you think that we spend up to 90% of our lifetime indoors, it is definitely something worth to think about. AIRBOXLAB comes across as a smart device which monitors indoor air pollution, and it will pick and learn from your home and activities so that it can assist you in maintaining the best possible air quality thanks to personalized and predictive advices.

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