cialogoThe CIA is certainly one of the more interesting government operations around where plenty of myth surrounding it over the years have blurred the lines between reality and fiction, and it is also not helped with the many movies produced in Hollywood that depicted a CIA agent who has gone rogue. According to Narrative Science, they “raised an undisclosed amount of funding from In-Q-Tel, the venture firm that invests on behalf of the Central Intelligence Agency.”

Interestingly enough, Narrative Science does have its fair share of clout in journalism circles where automated sports and finance articles are concerned. In fact, if you so happen to have a need to translate and explain large sets of data, you could look into Narrative Science to help you out, where plenty of requests from people who were buried in spreadsheets and charts have poured in to date. Folks generally want something that is simple and easy to digest, so they do not mind forking out good money for someone else to convert all that massive amount of information into a couple of readable paragraphs. Could this investment by CIA spark a revolution in the world of journalism, in particular robot journalism?

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