xbox-disc-changerSo, you are all stoked about the upcoming video game consoles from Microsoft and Sony, and are wondering just which model you would like to own? It does seem to us as though the Nintendo Wii U is an afterthought for gamers, sort of as though it is dessert once you have taken in the main course. If you are still in two minds about it, then let us assure you that we have a primer on just which console would suit you best. Having said that, E3 2013 also caters to existing generation consoles which do not rely so much on Internet connectivity as they do with physical media, with the introduction of the Exeo Entertainment Extreme Gamer XG 10.

The Exeo Entertainment Extreme Gamer XG 10 is a an Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 compatible game jukebox, where it has enough room to store up to 10 retail titles, and it stands apart from other Xbox 360 disc changers since this particular model will not do anything to void your warranty. Data will be sent to the console via USB or Ethernet ports, and all data is processed on the console itself. Sounds neat, no? I guess the Wii will sit this one out, too.

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