google-cloud-printWhen you take a look at what Google has done by rolling out an official Cloud Print app for the Android platform, chances are pretty high that you would start to wonder whether how come it took such a long time for Google to roll out this particular app? Having said that, the official Cloud Print app for Android that is now available for free in a 1.9MB download will require just Android 2.3.3 and above. Of course, there has been a fair number of respectable apps in the marketplace which would work with your Google Cloud Print account to date, but this is the first official app of its kind from Google.

In fact, Cloud Print has been around since the middle of 2010, which obviously is a cloud based printer management system. Specially designed to work with Chrome, it was a necessary function for the Chrome OS which was coming out then. How does this Cloud Print app work? It would forward “print jobs” via a web UI instead of linking it straight to your computer, where these printers will obviously be set up in Cloud Print, which is a snap to do. Once you have registered a printer, you are able to print from anywhere in the world, at any time of your choice. [App Download Page]

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