gt6-aeThere is nothing quite like having a special edition version of a game, book, or even CD/DVD, as it lends an air of regality to the occasion, not to mention there is the slight potential of that particular special edition version ending up as a cult classic of sorts among collectors, that the price of said edition would increase many times over the original price, making it a welcome addition to your bank account. Having said that, it has been confirmed that Gran Turismo 6 Anniversary Edition has been announced, where it will come with additional content in order to celebrate all 15 years of the racing franchise.

Gran Turismo 6 is tipped to hit the market later this holiday season, where you will be able to choose from not only standard but Anniversary editions as well, at least according to Sony Computer Entertainment. It will come with a specially designed 15th Anniversary Steelbook, up to 1 million in-game credits, 20 cars with special 15th Anniversary custom livery and performance enhancements. There is no word on pricing details as at press time.

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