ios7The announcement of the redesigned iOS 7 was a move which had some iOS users over the moon, and had some iOS users question the design choice. Granted iOS was due for a visual overhaul considering it is more than half a decade old, but at the same time some felt that the design was a bit “cheap”, such as some of the icons which looked like it was hastily filled with a gradient design, versus the older icons which looked like more work was put into its design. Some like it, and some don’t, and if you’re in the latter camp and you’re hoping that this won’t be the final version, you’re in luck because it seems that there’s still work left to be done.

According to the folks at The Next Web, they have reported a behind-the-scenes look at how the new UI in iOS 7 was designed. It seems that rather than designing it completely by himself, Jony Ive actually tapped the marketing and communications team at Apple to design the look and feel of the icons, which was then sent to the app design team who then designed the apps to correspond with the new icons and color palettes. The report goes on to state that the current design is actually more of a “work in progress”, meaning that there is a very good chance that the final version which is expected to be launched in the fall, will look significantly different.

Hearing this isn’t too surprising, especially given that earlier rumors had suggested that iOS 7 could be delayed due to the number of significant changes being made to the operating system, so we guessing seeing a “work in progress” iOS 7 debuted at WWDC isn’t that much of a stretch. What do you guys think? Are you satisfied with the current design or are you relieved that this might not be the end product?

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