photo5Taking photos with the iPad can be considered a faux pas of sorts, although given the big screen and the iPad’s camera being somewhat decent, why not, right? In any case for those who are avid photographers with the iPad, you might be pleased to find out that with iOS 7, it looks like Apple will be bringing the HDR feature to the iPad as well. HDR photography was first introduced to the iPhone in iOS 4.1 and for non-photographers out there, HDR photography is basically the capture of 3 (or more) photos in rapid succession, with each photo taken at a different exposure setting and when combined will result in a photo with more “dynamic range”. To be honest there are better apps that do a better job compared to Apple’s native HDR feature, but we guess the fact that it is built-in makes it a lot more convenient for those who aren’t too fussed. Any iPad photographers out there looking forward to HDR on their tablets?

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