discocycleI suppose this particular student over at Sweden’s Umea Institute of Design must have been an obvious admirer of what Steve Jobs said when he mentioned, “Stay hungry, stay foolish”, coming up with a particularly strange amalgamation of not only a disco, but also a motorcycle, all rolled into a single design. Forget about the old school boombox, as student Yuhan Zhang has something far more impressive looking, as though it arrived from the bowels of Tron itself, as Zhang intends to propel mobile music into the 21st century.

Having dubbed his concept the Marshall Dicycle, this particular idea was specially designed around amp maker Marshall, but I guess it goes without saying that the overall styling of the Marshall Dicycle certainly reeks of plenty of Tron – not to say that Tron is a bad thing, of course. There is enough room for two riders, and the storage space beneath the seat will help you hold your much loved musical instruments. How will the wheels turn? They do so within the rims, where there is a cutout at the base so that they are able to come into contact with the road, while doubling up as amplifiers, now how about that?

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