mintbox2For those of you who have been harboring your curiosity all this while as to how a Linux operating system would function on a desktop, perhaps it is time to take that leap of faith and venture into something which is far more complicated than just windows. Of course, since you are going to take that maiden step into the world of Linux, why not do so in style, and what better way to achieve that than with the MintBox 2? The MintBox 2 will be powered by an Intel Core i5 processor and the Linux Mint 15 Olivia operating system.

Basically, you could more or less say that the MintBox 2 is the successor to the MintBox, where the latter was produced last year in a collaboration between Linux Mint and CompuLab. This partnership has continued into this year as well, resulting in the MintBox 2 that will run on a Core i5 processor, accompanied by 4GB RAM, has a 500GB hard drive to boot, and a warranty that lasts all the way to 5 years, although you will have to fork out a higher price initially at $599 a pop. No concrete release date has been announced just yet, but this could very well be a decent first Linux PC that is worth owning.

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