mission-rsMission Motors’ first electric motorcycle technology demonstration involved what they call the Mission R, and it was a rather obvious hit right from the get go. It is nice to know then, that the chorus of enthusiastic motorcyclists have been heeded by the folks over at Mission Motorcycles, resulting in the announcement of not only the Mission R, but the Mission RS as well.

The Mission RS can be said to be a drool-worthy replica of the electric motorcycle which actually managed to set the electric lap record at Laguna Seca, doing so while en route to winning the only TTXGP event that it was ever entered in. There are just 40 examples available, where they sport a similar drivetrain with 163 horsepower and 120 pound feet of torque which would allow you to go all the way to 150 miles per hour, in addition to having an Öhlins FGRT fork and BST carbon fiber wheels. Not only that, Mission RS purchasers will also be on the receiving end of special “early adopter” perks as well as a one-on-one VIP rider training experience. It will cost you a rather hefty $58,999 a pop, but the amount of coolness should be worth every penny, don’t you think so?

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