wiviSuperman has his X-ray vision which certainly ought to have him figure out just what Lois Lane is wearing as a surprise for him later in the night, but none of us are children of Krypton, right? Hence, to achieve X-ray vision somewhat could prove to be an extremely challenging task even for the most brilliant minds in the world. Still, researchers over at MIT have been working on a system that they call Wi-Vi, where they claim is able to track moving objects that are behind walls through the use of an inexpensive, nearly ubiquitous wireless system.

In fact, it is said that Wi-Vi could even be built into a smartphone or a special handheld device where it is then used in search-and-rescue operations as well as for law enforcement purposes. Apart from that, it could double up as a security device of sorts, especially if you walk around alone at night and figure out that you might be followed, it is easy to detect whether there is someone behind a fence or around a corner. At least, it cannot achieve levels of detail and penetration that allows someone in the next room to check on your private moments, since the resolution count is so low, it is more akin to a radar tracking an airplane compared to an X-ray that reveals details.

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