inlivien-vitalio-formioWearing a pacemaker is nothing new in this day and age, and neither should there be a stigma attached to it. Having said that, Boston Scientific will be rolling out a trio of new cardiac pacemakers in Europe that features RightRate technology, where it will monitor the patient’s breathing in order to help adjust the pulses which are delivered to the heart accordingly. The lineup will comprise of an INLIVEN cardiac resynchronization therapy pacemaker (CRT-P) and VITALIO and FORMIO pacemakers.

All of these pacemakers will also include Boston Sci’s AP Scan technology, where this unique technology would assist clinicians in monitoring and managing patients who suffer from sleep apnea, which happens to be a common comorbidity in those with pacemakers. There is also the benefit of wireless data sharing, allowing such readings to be collected from the implants in the comfort of one’s home before being sent over to a cardiologist for further review. Heck, even some of the new devices will be MR-conditional, and in layman’s terms, it would mean an MRI scan can be performed on patients who happen to wear them, so long as certain precautions have already been undertaken by the technicians at hand.

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