noctuaMost computer enthusiasts would not settle for a low-power CPU in their machines for one very simple reason – such machines are just good enough for you to check your email, watch some YouTube videos, and basically play Minecraft on them. Forget about those bass-pounding games with superb graphical effects that make your eye pop out, as you wonder whether all of what you have seen is real or not long after you turn off the computer. Well, in order to eke out more performance from your rig, especially a gaming one, you would most definitely need the best parts possible, and a fast CPU is one of them for sure.

Specialist cooling company Noctua decided to work with RotoSub in order to deliver a low noise cancellation solution which would let you fly the air cooling flag high, although it does dispense away with all of the noise. This is made possible with the introduction of active noise cancellation, which so happens to still be in prototype form, but was built based on Noctua’s NH-D14 cooler using a twin-tower heatsink. How does the active noise cancellation work? It relies on a combination of mic and speakers, as the microphone would pick up the sound created by the cooler, before the speakers output the same sound albeit with a phase difference – which more or less cuts down the level of noise by a significant amount. Neat!

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