odinYou might not think much on behalf of the visually impaired, but this special group of people sure have to work in overcoming their fair share of obstacles in everyday life, where navigating around itself could prove to be quite the challenge. We have seen our fair share of walking sticks for the visually impaired in the past, conceptual or otherwise, but how about the world of smartphones? Odin Mobile is a new carrier who wants to be the first in the US to target the visually impaired market. Odin Mobile will piggyback on T-Mobile’s network, where the kind of mobile devices that they offer will boast of accessibility features for those who have limited vision, in addition to delivering the kind of customer service which is specially catered for visually impaired customers.

Guides for customers will come in Word and HTML formats via e-mail, and its support team will also be trained to know about the myriad of accessibility options which are available in smartphones. Not only that, Odin Mobile intends to donate 2%tof its voice and text revenues to organizations which offer assistance to the visually impaired. The first smartphone to roll out this July would be the RAY Huawei Vision which was specially constructed for eye-free operation. It will be powered by the Android platform, sports a 4” 800 x 400 display, a 5-megapixel camera, 12GB of internal memory, run on a 1GHz processor, and carries a 1500mAh battery. The RAY Huawei Vision will retail for $300 a pop.

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