Sony may have dodged a bullet by removing its PlayStation Eye from the PlayStation 4 in order to save $100, thus winning E3 in the hearts and minds of a large number of gamers. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t plan on making bundles available that would not only include the PS Eye as well as a PlayStation 4 game.

According to an image which was reportedly pulled from Sony’s own asset servers, it looks like Sony may have originally planned to bundle the PlayStation Eye with the PS4 along with Knack. If the images turns out to be true, then Sony may have scrambled to undercut Microsoft’s Xbox One $499 price point by removing the optional PS Eye in order to offer the PS4 for $399.

There are already some major U.S. retailers which already bundle a game along with the PlayStation 4, but seeing one bundled with the PS Eye has yet to be seen. This could mean Sony either plans to offer a new PlayStation 4 bundle that will include the PS Eye and Knack, or this image could represent what Sony originally planned on unveiling, which we assume was a $499 PlayStation 4 bundle.

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