astronaut-jetpackYou might think that being an astronaut is all glamour, but there is a certain amount of danger attached to the job of course. For instance, something as simple as turning a wrench or using a power drill could prove to be fatal, as one is sent tumbling out of control in space. Thankfully, no astronaut ever ended up as a debris in the vast vacuum of space before, and we pray that there will never be any down the road, too. New advancements in spacesuit technology could see astronauts stabilize themselves better than just the use of jetpacks alone under low-gravity environments, and this could help improve the design of NASA’s next-generation jetpack as they wear those during future planned missions to near-Earth asteroids.

Jeff Hoffman, a professor of aeronautics and astronautics at MIT, said, “People are going to be doing spacewalks differently in the future without the shuttle and once they’re away from the space station.” Free-floating astronauts who work in a low-gravity environment will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of better jetpack technology, which is always a good thing.

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