robot-roachThe TEDGlobal conference that is happening in Edinburgh right now would see the possibility of cyborg cockroaches in the near future, where these insects that proved to be a pest for many, has been intended to be a neuroscience learning tool that can be controlled using a mobile phone. TEDGlobal stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, where it specializes in delivering new technologies. With a theme for 2013 being “think again”, the RoboRoach has taken centrestage, being the brainchild of neuroscientist Greg Gage.

The RoboRoach would see a backpack being attached to the back of an actual cockroach, where it will then be able to communicate directly with neurons that are located in the cockroach’s antennae, where electricity is the conduit for such information. Of course, before a cockroach is cybernetically enhanced to look as though it has been assimilated by the Borg themselves, it would first need to go through, in Mr. Gage’s words, “short surgery under anaesthetic” so that the relevant wires can be placed within the antennae. Gross!

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