whistleThey say that a dog is man’s best friend – do you really believe that? I guess anyone with furkids would vouch for that, and since we have Google Glass being a kind of wearable tech for humans, the next time you head outdoors with your four legged friend, you might as well have it join you in the world of wearable tech, too. I do not mean letting him wear another Google Glass, but rather, check out what Whistle Activity Monitor has in store – a fitness tracker for dogs.

Known as the Whistle Activity Monitor, this comes across as a little on-collar device which is capable of tracking all of your dog’s activities, ranging from rest times to walks, playtime, and other activities. I guess the human equivalent would be the FitBit, and the Whistle Activity Monitor will even be accompanied by an iOS app so that you know whether your pooch is getting enough exercise throughout the day or not. It is even waterproof, and requires a recharge once every 10 days – that would amount to thrice monthly, which shouldn’t be too difficult to do. The Whistle Activity Monitor is up for pre-order at $99 a pop with a ship date that is slated for late July.

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