img_2768-4Photographers looking forward to new cameras from Sony might be interested to learn that the alleged specs of the Sony A79 prototype have made their way online, thanks to the sources of Sony Alpha Rumors. Considering that the device is a prototype, naturally one would expect the specs to change upon release, but apparently at this point in time, the specs of the prototype match 90% of what will be in the final version of the camera, which supposedly will be available for purchase sometime in 2014.

The specs of the A79 include a 32MP Exmor HD sensor, supposedly a new generation. It will also come with a 4GB buffer, a full mirrorless focus system with 480 focus points, an EVF of 4MP, shooting speed of 8-14fps (it shouldn’t vary, but we guess the specs have yet to be finalized), a magnesium body for a more solid feel, and supposedly the overall design has been tweaked so that it could end up resembling the Minolta 700si (pictured above). In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but hopefully we will be hearing more from Sony in the near future!

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