vinylySince land is getting more and more scarce these days in certain countries, it makes more sense to send a body for cremation after death than to settle for burial. Apart from your ashes after you’ve left this life, your worldly possessions, in addition to photos and videos, will be some of the things that your loved ones are able to remember you by. How about experiencing a paradigm shift even after cremation by using your ashes to be turned into custom vinyl records that can be played on a record player? This is what British company And Vinyly is promoting.

There is a bunch of package deals offered by And Vinyly, where a basic run of 30 LPs would set you back by approximately $4,600. Once the cremation process is over, your ashes will be sent to a record pressing plant, and it will be mixed into the vinyl pellets that are then used to press the discs. Here’s wondering whether the plant will clean out the presses thoroughly before they continue with regular pressings, otherwise you might end up on more records than originally thought! I guess the toughest bit would be to decide just which songs you would want to end up on the vinyl, right?

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