talking-window-adI am quite sure that many of us are sick and tired of ads by now. Turn on the TV, and it seems that a 1 hour show is interspersed with more ads than the actual TV series itself. Your Internet experience, too, is filled with ads that pop-up blockers which used to be an option are now a necessity. Heck, just when you thought that you could get some peace and quiet all by yourself at the solitary seat in a bus by the window, along comes Audiva with their idea of a Talking Window.

The Talking Window happens to be a new advertising experiment from Germany’s BBDO for pay TV company Sky Deutschland, where they will send promotional messages to commuters who happen to rest their heads on the glass of a train car. These advertisements will not disturb the rest of the other passengers’ peace, but rather, only you if you happen to rest your heads against the glass. This is made possible thanks to bone conduction technology which will stream auditory messages to you, with the help of a small transmitter box that does the streaming of high frequency vibrations onto the glass. If I were the commuter, it is time to carry a portable neck pillow so that I no longer need to lean against the window any more.

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