bill-warnerSomehow when it comes to humans, we tend to have this daredevil streak in us, attempting to go farther and further than we have ever gone before, just for the sake of doing so and knowing that it can be done. Speed records are no mean feat, being an amalgamation of man and machine (although not on the level of Jaeger pilots in Pacific Rim, of course) to make it happen. Take the BloodHound project for instance – the person who is willing to pilot this 1,000mph car is one with plenty of intestinal fortitude for sure, and I am sure that he/she would be in the same mould of the late William “Bill” Warner.

Bill Warner, aged 44, is a speed racer as well as tropical fish grower who wanted to touch and if possible, break the 300mph barrier within a mile on a motorcycle, has died after he lost control of his motorcycle and was said to have slid a whopping 1,000 feet during a speed trial at the former Loring Air Force Base. Warner managed approximately 4,000 feet on his bike before losing control of his modified turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa machine, where man and metal ploughed into the ground and kicking up a whole lot of dust along the way. RIP, Bill, you will be missed.

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