battery-brainEver wanted to be a cyborg? Of course, I am quite sure that most of us would loathe being a Borg of Star Trek fame, as we would much rather prefer to take the route of someone like Data, or perhaps, Robocop (without being dead in the case of the latter, of course). Cyber AJ is one such man who can be deemed to be a modern day cyborg, as he happens to be in possession of a battery operated brain. Yeah, the reason behind that is because Cyber AJ happens to have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease four years ago, and he subsequently underwent an incredible surgical procedure which gave him a second chance at living a far more normal life compared to other Parkinson’s disease patients.

Having a battery operated brain would mean Cyber AJ has a bunch of electrodes embedded deep within his brain, and these electrodes are hooked up to a central unit that measures the size of a stopwatch. This stopwatch is then wired to a pacemaker located in his chest. Do bear in mind that all of the wiring remains internal, save for Cyber AJ’s remote control. The remote control allows Cyber AJ to dial up or down the electrical current which is being sent into his brain. This current, coupled with the right medication, allows him to function as normally as possible.

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