das-kb-rfid-bagRFID technology has certainly come in handy during some point in time, including helping hotels cut down the theft levels of their towels, while paranoid androids out there can always settle for a RFID door lock to ensure that losing your physical key need not give you sleepless nights. However, thieves too, have a penchant for technology, and this is where Das Keyboard’s HackShield bags come in handy – this is truly a one-of-a-kind backpack and messenger bag that enables professionals who are always on the move to remain protected against physical and digital intrusion.


Daniel Guermeur, creator of the Das Keyboard and CEO of Metadot Corporation, shared on how the HackShield bag came about. “The idea for our new bags came about after an experience I encountered on a very busy Fifth Avenue in New York City during the holiday shopping season. Within an hour, I realized someone had attempted to break into my backpack two separate times while I was making my way through the crowds. I also realized my digital information wasn’t as secure as I thought because my laptop had been communicating with the cloud, even though it was in sleep mode.”

Enter the Das Keyboard HackShield backpack and messenger bags, where its internal pockets come lined with HackShield RF blocking material, ensuring that no hacking attempts will go through. Each Das Keyboard bag will sport adequate HackShield-protected pockets that can fit a laptop, tablet and smartphone within. You can pick it up for $179 each if you are interested. [Press Release]

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