World of WarcraftIf you have followed the Warcraft franchise, you know that ultimately it would seem that the main enemy of Azeroth would be the Burning Legion, despite the population being split into Horde and Alliance factions. To that extent I have always thought that introducing the Burning Legion to the World of Warcraft in a larger way (not just fighting demons in Outland) would be a good idea, and it looks like I may very well get my wish. Blizzard has recently updated its Wrathion character page, whom for those unfamiliar, is the son of Deathwing, the main “bad guy” in the Cataclysm expansion.

What’s interesting is one particular line which Blizzard has added which reads, “Wrathion foresees a rising menace that not even the Horde and Alliance together may be strong enough to overcome.” Some have speculated that this could be in reference to the Burning Legion and the arrival of Sargeras, the leader and creator of the Burning Legion, in a possible World of Warcraft expansion. Of course this might merely be a bit of lore added for fans, but at the same time with a World of Warcraft expansion expected after Mists of Pandaria, would the arrival of the Burning Legion in full force be such a stretch of the imagination?

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