When Blizzard announced Diablo 4 in 2019, not much was known about the game apart from a few concept art, and a couple of teaser trailers here and there. Now in the latest quarterly update to the game, the company has revealed additional details that we might be able to look forward to in terms of content.

According to Blizzard, it seems that Diablo 4 will be coming with five different regions in the game, and there will be more than 150 dungeons that players can explore, fight monsters, and get loot in. Each dungeon is expected to boast its own dynamic weather, lighting effects, and props to make the experience feel unique and different.

The game’s art director Chris Ryder said, “We approach creating the environments of Diablo IV through a darker and more grounded interpretation than earlier installments. The “old masters” pillar gives us a lens to filter our art through, considering the techniques classical painters like Rembrandt used, with their controlled use of detail, tonal range, and expert use of color palettes. The “return to darkness” pillar is a through-line in everything from dungeons to lighting and embodies the idea that Sanctuary is a dangerous and dark medieval gothic world.”

At the moment, Diablo 4 still does not have a set release date, and knowing Blizzard, it could be a while before it is released. In the meantime, pre-orders for Diablo Immortal on iOS are now live suggesting that it could be launching soon, so players will have that to entertain themselves with ahead of Diablo 4’s release.

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