dronestagramDo you love all things concerning drones? Well, here we are with a unique drone-focused project in the form of a new website that is called Dronestagram, where it is tipped to provide a boost to commercial drone owners who want to show the world the kind of breathtaking aerial photographs that they have snapped. This might actually see Dronestagram end up as one of the few web projects which could create a distinction between military and commercial drone use.

The Dronestagram site intends to work on a task where the entire view of the earth can be captured thanks to user-submitted photographs that have been shot from drone-mounted cameras. The website itself is still in its infancy, but right now you are already able to check out a bunch of photos that range from artistic portraits to incredible landscapes. If you were to be part of the Dronestagram project, which country do you think will be able to deliver the best looking aerial shots? Of course, there is always the risk of capturing someone in their birthday suit from above.

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