It has only been a few days since Google released Android 4.3. The latest Jelly Bean update is currently available for Nexus devices only, other manufacturers will have their own release time-frames. A lot of users have reported a bug in the Netflix app that’s causing quite an issue for those running Android 4.3. If the user launches Netflix app and the devices goes to sleep due to no input from the user for a select time period, it won’t come back up if the power button is pressed. Pressing the power button once normally brings the device back from sleep, in this particular case, the power button has to be pressed so that the device can be restarted.

Judging by the complaints received so far, it doesn’t look like its necessary for a video to be playing in the Netflix app. Merely launching it and letting the device go to sleep will trigger this bug. Fortunately, both Google and Netflix are aware of this bug. Google Dan Morrill left a comment on Reddit saying that they have their “top men” working on it. Hopefully a fix will be just around the corner. Have you experienced this bug on your Android 4.3 running Nexus device?

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