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Galaxy S4 Active Root Method Developed By Geohot

galaxy s4 active att

If you were paying attention in the early days of iOS jailbreaking, George Hotz a.k.a Geohot was a pretty influential figure back then. He was actually the first person to unlock an iPhone, back when it was exclusively available from AT&T. It has been quite some time since he dropped off the radar as far as iOS jailbreaking is concerned. He has developed something new, its not a jailbreak for iOS 7, its actually a root method for the Galaxy S4 Active.

The Galaxy S4 Active is the rugged version of Samsung’s latest Android flagship. Its dust and waterproof. Since┬ámost novice users find the entire process of rooting difficult, they’ll benefit the most from Gehot’s method. He has put up a website from where users can download an APK on their devices. All they have to do then is run the “active root” program which will automatically root the Galaxy S4 Active. So what does one do when they’ve rooted their device? Install custom ROMs to enhance the user experience.┬áThe developer community had been searching for a method to root this device, Geohot just came out of the blue and knocked it straight out of the park, like he usually did in the past.

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