Apple announced its iOS 7 a few weeks ago, which many iOS users are still wrapping their head around all of the changes the OS will introduce when it releases later this fall. We’re sure many of you are wondering just how long it’ll take for there to be a jailbroken version of iOS 7 considering just how popular Evasi0n’s iOS 6 jailbreak was as they reported it was installed on over 14 million devices just this past March. It looks like the wait won’t be long at all as iOS 7 has reportedly been jailbroken already.


iOS developer Ryan Petrich is the man behind a number of popular tweaks such as Activator, DietBar and LiveClock, and he posted an image of his jailbroken iPod Touch running iOS 7 beta on his Twitter account overnight. The message Petrich attached to the image wasn’t one acknowledging his device was possibly jailbroken already, instead he commented on the “system version too new” error he received.

It’s interesting to see a possible jailbroken version of iOS 7 already pop up, although we’re not surprised if those responsible for the jailbreak haven’t come out to say it’s been done. Apple looks like they’re on a regular schedule of releasing newer versions of its iOS 7 beta, so the less they know about the possible jailbreak, the easier it’ll be for the team behind it to release it once iOS 7 is made available to the public.

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