Grand Theft Auto 4, much like Skyrim, is no stranger to mods and we have seen some pretty cool mods in the past. However if you’re a fan of the Battlefield franchise, then this Battlefield mod might be something worth taking a look at. YouTube user, SgtRedPhoenix, has posted a video of Grand Theft Auto 4 running a Battlefield mod in which you will see some characters from Battlefield 3 make its way into the game. Essentially this is more like a reskinning of the game rather than a full-fledged mod itself, but if you love Battlefield and Grand Theft Auto, be sure to check out the mod in action in the video above! Now with Grand Theft Auto 5 coming out soon, we have to wonder how long it will take for its players to make mods for it where we might see some Battlefield 4 action making its way into the game. Combine that with the amazing graphics of both games, it should be quite a sight, don’t you think?

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