You might have often heard the phrase “forever alone” on the internet, this particular phrase has been made popular by memes. It is usually used to describe someone who doesn’t have any friends and is, quite literally, alone. Kyoto University, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Japan, has installed new seats in its dining hall that would particularly appeal to the “forever alone” crowd. The seats are called “boochi seki,” “boochi” itself means alone in Japanese. There are 50 centimeter dividers in the middle, offering complete privacy from the person sitting in front.

These seats do serve a greater purpose than just catering to the social outcasts. They are also useful for busy students who just want to eat their lunch and return to work, they might not have time to sit and socialize with friends as they eat. Kyoto University had these seats installed in its engineering school’s dining hall last spring, reportedly they are quite popular with the students. While some people might not like to eat by themselves, these seats do serve a novel purpose. [Image via Kotaku]

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