flight-simWhen we were kids growing up, our parents probably did a lot of cool stuff for us that we probably could not appreciate until we got older, so hopefully Laurent Aigon’s kids will be able to appreciate what their dad did for them when he built a functional Boeing 737 cockpit in their room! In fact by functional we mean that not only does it light up and have switches and stuff, but to the point where it is actually being used as a training simulator by the Institute of Aircraft Maintenance at Bordeaux-Merignac where he was invited to come and guest lecture.

Aigon is not a professional pilot, in fact his profession as a waiter is probably pretty far-removed from a pilot, but because it was his dream to become one, he decided to undertake this process whereby he sourced various parts from the internet, ultimately costing him thousands of Euros in the process. The setup also includes five networked monitors to act as his “window”, and he has also managed to get the simulator working where it can actually simulate flights to places such as Sydney and Rio de Janeiro. It is a pretty epic and elaborate setup and at the moment, Aigon is undertaking a five-year certification course that would allow him to start building flight simulators professionally.

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