Now here is an interesting robot that you might figure out be rather useful in the kitchen. I myself would think that it is the long lost spiritual brother of Tony Stark’s helpful robot hand assistant in the Iron Man movies, where it is constantly being insulted by Stark himself for being a dunce. Well, the OMC Robot Mixing System is an industrial mixing system which relies on a multi-axis robot from Nachi to get its job done, and one cannot help but wonder whether this could end up as some sort of super large salad mixing robot if one were to make an attempt at whipping up the world’s largest bowl of salad to be an entrant in the Guinness Book of World Records?

The OMC Robot Mixing System is different from conventional mixing systems that rotate the container along a couple of axes, where this multi-axis multi-directional robot is capable of enhancing the stirring effect, mixing and dispersing materials, taking a far shorter amount of time to do so to boot. Apart from that, the mixing capacity depends on the robot used, where it has a maximum capacity of approximately 700kg. Future practical applications of the OMC Robot Mixing System include food production and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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