touchblockSony Mobile has plans to make sure that your Sony Xperia ZR (also known by its model number as the C550X) smartphone will work in a far more efficient manner than ever before, through the introduction of a feature that they have called Touch Block. I am quite sure that there is not much need to explain just what the heck Touch Block will offer, as the name itself is pretty much self explanatory, but just for the sake of those of us who are experiencing a brain hibernation at the moment, the Touch Block feature would disable the touch screen display so that you can avoid unintended touches, especially under wet conditions. Do not fret about taking incoming calls though, as the Touch Block feature will not interfere with your ability to do so.

As at press time, the Touch Block app remains in beta mode with version 0.1.A.1.0 having rolled out from production lines everywhere. There also happens to be a Small App which is available for Touch Block so that it can enable the feature in a jiffy. There is a possibility that Sony Mobile could very well be making this app available only to water resistant handsets, although the final confirmation will only be worked out in due time. Do you think that this is one particularly handy feature to have on your smartphone?

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