stella-hiresSolar-powered cars might just be the people mover of the future, but for right now, gas-powered ones will have to do. The thing is, we caught sight of the Generation solar powered vehicle at the turn of this month, but that certainly came with a cockpit which could seat just one. What happens when your other half wants to snuggle up with you? This is where Stella comes in. Wait a minute here, you say Who the heck is Stella?

Stella happens to be a solar powered car as well, although this particular bad boy comes with a caveat – it is a family car. The brainchild of TU/e’s Solar Team Eindhoven, it is touted to be the first solar powered family car in the world, where it boasts of a combination of efficient solar cells alongside lightweight construction, so that you can back seats to seat your little ones, in addition to a trunk – all without having to sacrifice its 373-mile range. Don’t you think that future solar powered cars should all feature Stella’s functionality? Image thanks to Bart van Overbeeke.

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