journey-game-screenshot-1-bChances are if you play video games, you might have heard of an indie game by the name of Journey, a game which is not only stunning visually, but has an amazing soundtrack and has a very unique gameplay as well. It was developed by thatgamecompany and is an exclusive for the PS3, making it kind of bad news for non-PS3 gamers. Well the good news is that the developers have announced that they are working on their next game and unlike Flower and Journey, both of which were PS3 exclusive, their upcoming game, whatever it might be, won’t be exclusive to one particular platform. This does not mean that they will be developing for multi-platforms simultaneously as their tweet reads, “Our next game won’t be exclusive to any single platform, but it *could* be on one console, but open…” That’s definitely good news for gamers who aren’t willing to purchase an entire console system just for one game, although given just how well-receive Journey was, we have to wonder if thatgamecompany’s next title will be able to live up to gamers’ expectations.

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